Volume 01, Number 1, September 1990

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Table of Contents



The Editors




Hacking Away at the Counter-culture

Andrew Ross


Postmodern Blackness

bell hooks


Marx: The Video (A Politics of Revolting Bodies)

Laura Kipnis


Feeding the Transcendent Body

George Yudice


Dead Doll Humility

Kathy Acker


The ideology of postmodern music and left politics

John Beverley


Postmodernism and Imperialism:Theory and Politics in Latin America

Neil Larsen


Review Essay


Voicing the Neonew, a review of “Postmodern Poetries: Jerome J. McGann Guest-Edits an Anthology of Language Poets From North America and the United Kingdom” Verse 7.1 (Spring, 1990): 6-73.

Susan M. Schultz


Popular Culture Column


Vacation Notes: Haute-Tech in the Haute-Montagnes

Jim English




Postface: Positions on Postmodernism

The Editors