Volume 01, Number 2, January 1991

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His Master’s Voice:On William Gaddis’s JR

Patrick J. O’Donnell


Grammatology Hypermedia

Greg Ulmer



Susan Howe


“Combustion of Early Summer” and “The Love of My Life” (two poems)

James McCorkle


The Second War and Postmodern Memory

Charles Bernstein


Post Scrotum (a poem)

Alamgir Hashmi


Sartre and Local Aesthetics:Rethinking Sartre as an Oppositional Pragmatist

Paul Trembath


Crisis in the Gulf by George Bush, Saddam Hussein, et alia. As told to “The New York Times” (a work-in-progress)

Frederick M. Dolan




The Satanism Scare

Gerry O’Sullivan


Review Essay


Graven Images. A review of Poetry as Epitaph, by Karen Mills-Courts (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State UP, 1990)

Henry Hart




Postface: Positions on Postmodernism

The Editors