Volume 11, Number 2, January 2001

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Special Issue

Trauma: Essays on the Limit of Knowledge and Experience

Linda Belau and Petar Ramadanovic, Guest Editors


Introduction: Trauma and Crisis

Petar Ramadanovic




“Das Vergangene wird gewußt, das Gewußte [aber] wird erzählt”: Trauma, Forgetting, and Narrative in F.W.J. Schelling’s Die Weltalter

David Farrell Krell


From Haunting to Trauma: Nietzsche’s Active Forgetting and Blanchot’s Writing of the Disaster

Petar Ramadanovic


An Interview with Jean Laplanche

Cathy Caruth


The Psychical Nature of Trauma: Freud’s Dora, The Young Homosexual Woman, and the Fort! Da! Paradigm

Ellie Ragland


Trauma and the Material Signifier

Linda Belau