Volume 12, Number 3, May 2002

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Benjamin in Bombay? An Extrapolation

Rajeev S. Patke


Blanchot, Narration, and the Event

Lars Iyer


Grand Theory/Grand Tour: Negotiating Samuel Huntington in the Grey Zone of Europe

Dorothy Barenscott


Cannibalism and the Chinese Body Politic: Hermeneutics and Violence in Cross-Cultural Perception

Carlos Rojas



Review Essay


Radiohead’s Antivideos: Works of Art in the Age of Electronic Reproduction

Joseph Tate





“Demonstration and Democracy.” A review of Bruno Latour, Pandora’s Hope: Essays on the Reality of Science Studies. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1999.

Arkady Plotnitsky


“The Deus Ex-Machina.” A review of Jerry Hoeg, Science, Technology, and Latin American Narrative in the Twentieth Century and Beyond. Bethlehem, PA: Lehigh UP, 2000.

Juan E. de Castro


“Maintaining the Other.” A review of Simon Critchley, Ethics, Politics, and Subjectivity. London: Verso, 1999.

Kelly Pender


“Information and the Paradox of Perspicuity.” A review of Albert Borgmann, Holding On to Reality: The Nature of Information at the Turn of the Millennium. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 2000.

Samuel Gerald Collins


“Computable Culture and the Closure of the Media Paradigm.” A review of Lev Manovich, The Language of New Media. Cambridge, MA: MIT P, 2000.

William B. Warner


“Gursky’s Sublime.” A review of Peter Galassi, Andreas Gursky. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2001 and Andreas Gursky. Exhibition. Museum of Modern Art, New York. 4 March – 15 May 2001. <http://www.moma.org/gursky/>.

Caroline Levine