Volume 15, Number 2, January 2005

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Interface Realisms: The Interface as Aesthetic Form

Søren Pold


During Auschwitz: Adorno, Hegel, and the “Unhappy Consciousness” of Critique

Steven Helmling


Unmade Men: The Sopranos After Whiteness

Christopher Kocela


Ethics and the Politics of Proximity


Preface: Approaching Proximity

Rei Terada


“Never Again”: The Ethics of the Neighbor and the Logic of Genocide

Robert Meister


Neighborly Hostility and Literary Creoles: The Example of Hugh MacDiarmid

Laura O’Connor


Enduring Proximity: The Figure of the Neighbor in Suburban America

Dana Cuff




“Maximal Minimalism.” A review of Robert Smithson. Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. 12 Sept.-13 Dec. 2005.

Charles Altieri and Rei Terada


“From the Proletariat to the Multitude: Multitude and Political Subjectivity.” A review of Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire. New York: Penguin, 2004.

Jason Read


“Whither the Actually Existing Internet?” A review of McKenzie Wark, A Hacker Manifesto. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 2004; and Vincent Mosco, The Digital Sublime: Myth, Power, and Cyberspace. Cambridge: MIT P, 2004.

Chris McGahan


“Whose Conspiracy Theory?” A review of Peter Knight, Conspiracy Culture: From Kennedy to the X-Files. New York: Routledge, 2000.

Andrew Strombeck


“Some Day My Mom Will Come.” A review of Esther Sánchez-Pardo, Cultures of the Death Drive: Melanie Klein and Modernist Melancholia. Durham: Duke UP, 2003.

Heather Love