Volume 18, Number 1, September 2007

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Special Issue: Psychoanalysis and the Political

Guest Editor: Jan Mieszkowski


Analogy, Terminable and Interminable

Jan Mieszkowski


The Mystery of Sex and the Mystery of Time: An Integration of Some Psychoanalytic and Philosophical Perspectives

Alan Bass


In Theory, Politics Does not Exist

Brett Levinson


Endopsychic Allegories

Laurence A. Rickels


The Desire Called Mao: Badiou and the Legacy of Libidinal Economy

Eleanor Kaufman




What Went Wrong?: Reappraising the “Politics” of Theory

Joseph Keith



Joshua Kates


When Were We Creole?

Michael Malouf


Open Studios: Rachel Blau Duplessis’s Blue Studios: Poetry and Its Cultural Work

Catherine Taylor


Homeland Insecurities

Melinda Cooper




Notes on Contributors