Volume 02, Number 1, September 1991

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Literary Ecology and Postmodernity in Thomas Sanchez’s Mile Zero and Thomas Pynchon’s Vineland

Daniel R. White


“The Marginalization of Poetry” (a poem)

Bob Perelman


Notes Toward an Unwritten Non-Linear Electronic Text, “The Ends of Print Culture” (a work in progress)

Michael Joyce


Derek Walcott and the Poetics of “Transport”

Rei Terada


“A Suspension Forever at the Hinge of Doubt”: The Reader-Trap of Bianca in Gravity’s Rainbow

Bernard Duyfhuizen


A Dialogue on Dialogue

Georg Mannejc, Anne Mack, J.J. Rome, Joanne McGrem, and Jerome McGann


Popular Culture Column


Play It Again, Pac-Man

Charles Bernstein


Review Essays


Review of SPEW, the first queer punk fanzine convention. May 25 1991. Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago.

Bill Hsu


Review of Heidegger’s Confrontation with Modernity: Technology, Politics, Art, by Michael Zimmerman.

Gerry O’Sullivan


Review of Musical Elaborations, by Edward W. Said.

Dan Miller


Review of Engendering Men: The Question of Male Feminist Criticism, by Joseph A. Boone and Michael Cadden, eds., and of Out of Bounds: Male Writers and Gender(ed) Criticism, by Laura Claridge and Elizabeth Langland, eds.

Charles Stivale