Volume 02, Number 2, January 1992

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Review Essays


Review of Adam, Ian, and Helen Tiffin, eds. Past the Last Post: Theorizing Post-modernism and Post-colonialism. Calgary: U Calgary P, 1990.

Roger Berger


Review of Chow, Rey. Woman and Chinese Modernity: The Politics of Reading Between West and East. Minneapolis: U Minnesota P, 1991.

Chris Connery


Review of hooks, bell. Yearning: Race, Gender, and Cultural Politics. Boston: South End Press, 1990.

Clifford L. Staples


Review of Cixous, Helene. “Coming to Writing” and Other Essays.Ed. Deborah Jenson. Trans. Sarah Cornell, Deborah Jenson, Ann Liddle, Susan Sellers. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1991.

Douglas A. Davis


Review of Code, Lorraine. What Can She Know? Feminist Theory and the Construction of Knowledge. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1991.

Rose Norman


Review of Flax, Jane. Thinking Fragments: Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and Postmodernism in the Contemporary West. Berkeley: California UP, 1990.

Susan Ross


Review of Nye, Andrea. Words of Power: A Feminist Reading of the History of Logic. London: Routledge, 1990; Gross, Alan G. The Rhetoric of Science. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1990.

John Batali


Review of Norris, Christopher. What’s Wrong With Postmodernism? Critical Theory and the Ends of Philosophy. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1990.

Robert C. Holub


Review of Koelb, Clayton, ed. Nietzsche as Postmodernist: Essays Pro and Contra. Albany: SUNY P, 1990.

Robert C. Holub


Review of Desmond, William. Art and the Absolute: A Study of Hegel’s Aesthetics. Albany: SUNY P, 1986; Desire, Dialectic, and Otherness. New Haven: Yale UP, 1987; Philosophy and Its Others: Ways of Being and Mind. SUNY P, 1990.

Sharon Bassett


Review of Norris, Christopher. Spinoza and the Origin of Modern Critical Theory. Cambridge: Basil Blackwell, 1991.

Renate Holub


Review of Jameson, Fredric. Late Marxism: Adorno, or the Persistence of the Dialectic. London: Verso, 1990.

Neil Larsen


Review of Penley, Constance, and Andrew Ross, eds. Technoculture. Minneapolis: Minnesota UP, 1991.

Joseph Dumit


Review of Kinder, Marsha. Playing With Power in Movies, Television, and Video Games; From Muppet Babies to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Berkeley: California UP, 1991.

Lisa M. Heilbronn


Review of Horton, Andrew, ed. Comedy/Cinema/Theory. Berkeley: California UP, 1991.

James Morrison


Review of Ashbery, John. Flow Chart. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1991; Bronk, William. Living Instead. San Francisco: North Point Press, 1991.

Susan Schultz


Popular Culture Column


Pee-Wee Herman and the Postmodern Picaresque

Melynda Huskey