Volume 22, Number 3, May 2012



Special Issue: The Citizen-Subject

Guest Editors: Jennifer Greiman and Kir Kuiken




Introduction: Revisiting the Citizen-Subject

Jennifer Greiman, Kir Kuiken


From Philosophical Anthropology to Social Ontology and Back: What to Do with Marx’s Sixth Thesis on Feuerbach?

Étienne Balibar


Between Interpellation and Immunization: Althusser, Balibar, Esposito

Warren Montag


Citizen-Subject and the National Question: On the Logic of Capital in Balibar

Gavin Walker


Adam Smith and Economic Citizenship

Craig Carson


Citizen and Terrorist, Citizen as Terrorist: Military, Citizenship, and Race in the Age of War on Terror

Ji-Young Um


Transgenics of the Citizen (I)

Erin Obodiac


Environmentality: Military Maneuvers, the Ecosystem, and the Accidental

Robert P. Marzec




Impossible People, Queer Futures: Dean Spade and Critical Trans Politics

Charles J. Gordon


The Temporal Logic of Digital Media Technologies

Kurt Cavender



Notes on Contributors