Volume 23, Number 2, January 2013




The Limits of Performing Cage: Ultra-red’s SILENT|LISTEN

G Douglas Barrett


The Perils of the “Digital Humanities”: New Positivisms and the Fate of Literary Theory

Tom Eyers


Shopping for the Real: Gender and Consumption in the Critical Reception of DeLillo’s White Noise

Sally Robinson


Stats of Exception: Watchmen and Nixon’s NSC

Paul Youngquist


Review Essay
Posthegemony in Times of the Pink Tide

Bécquer Seguín


Forms of Cruelty

Eugenio Di Stefano


The Walking Dead: Neurology and the Limits of Psychoanalysis

Melanie Doherty


Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: David Bowie Is and the Stream of Warm Impermanence

Martin Murray


The Tragedy of Forms

Daniel Stout


Notes on Contributors