Volume 24, Number 3, May 2014

Special Issue: Voice Matters
Guest Editors: Annette Schlichter and Nina Sun Eidsheim


Introduction: Voice Matters

Annette Schlichter and Nina Sun Eidsheim




The Micropolitics of Listening to Vocal Timbre

Nina Sun Eidsheim


Tubercular Singing

David Kasunic


Silence and Speech in Lecture on Nothing and Phonophonie

Zeynep Bulut


The Resonance of Brando’s Voice

Katherine Kinney


Crippled Speech

Caitlin Marshall


Un/Voicing the Self: Vocal Pedagogy and the Discourse-Practices of Subjectivation

Annette Schlichter




Aesthetic Regime Change

Ian Balfour


The Geopolitics of Food and the Environmental Humanities

Yeonhaun Kang


“The Secular Prophet”

Alex Porco


Notes on Contributors