Volume 03, Number 3, May 1993

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The Excremental Sublime:The Postmodern Literature of Blockage and Release

Roberto Maria Dainotto


Marxist Pleasure: Jameson and Eagleton

Steven Helmling


It Meant I Loved: Louise Gluck’s Ararat

Eric Selinger


Talking and Thinking: David Antin in Conversation with Hazel Smith and Roger Dean

Hazel Smith and Roger Dean


Xenakis Letters

Nathaniel Bobbitt


Reading Beyond Meaning

George Aichele


The Microstructure of Logocentrism: Sign Models in Derrida and Smolensky

Kip Canfield


Popular Culture Column


Can You Go Home Again? A Budapest Diary, 1992

Susan Suleiman


Review Essays


“Comrade Gramsci’s Progeny.” Review of Antonio Gramsci, Prison Notebooks, vol. 1, David Harris, From Class Struggle to the Politics of Pleasure, and Renate Holub, Beyond Marxism and Postmodernism.

Tim Watson


“Theorizing the Culture Wars.” Review of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Loose Canons, Gerald Graff, Beyond the Culture Wars, and William V. Spanos, The End of Education.

J. Russell Perkin


“Women and Television.” Review of Lynn Spigel, Make Room for TV, and Lynn Spigel and Denise Mann, eds., Private Screenings.

Leslie Regan Shade


“Playing With Clothes.” Review of Marjorie Garber, Vested Interests.

Debra Silverman


“Risk and the New Modernity.” Review of Ulrich Bech, Risk Society.

Simon Carter


“CyFy PoMo?” Review of David Ketterer, Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy and Larry McCaffery, Storming the Reality Studio.

Eric Rabkin


“Women and Islam.” Review of Leila Ahmed, Women and Gender in Islam.

Lahoucine Ouzgane