Volume 04, Number 3, May 1994

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Cinema, Capital of the Twentieth Century

Jonathan Beller


An Other Frontier: Voyaging West with Mark Twain and Star Trek’s Imperial Subject

Valerie Fulton


Remembering the Shuttle, Forgetting the Loom: Intepreting the Challenger Disaster

Ann Larabee


Clockwork Education: The Persistence of the Arnoldian Ideal

Geoffrey Sharpless


Three Poems

Alice Fulton


Historicizing Derrida

Steven Helmling


Important Pleasures and Others: Michael Palmer, Ronald Johnson

Eric Selinger


Popular Culture Column


Metaphoric Rocks: A Psychogeography of Tourism and Monumentality (Hypermedia)

Gregory Ulmer


Review Essays


“Forward into the Past.” Review of Bruno Latour, We Have Never Been Modern, Trans. Catherine Porter. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1993; and Ivan Illich, In the Vineyard of the Text. Chicago: Chicago UP, 1993.

Jim Hicks


“Late Soviet Culture: A Parallax For Postmodernism.” Review of Lahusen, Thomas, and Gene Kuperman, eds., Late Soviet Culture. Durham: Duke UP, 1993.

Vitaly Chernetsky


“From Technology to Machinism.” Review of Verena Andermatt Conley, ed., Rethinking Technologies. Minneapolis: Minnesota UP, 1993.

Brent Wood


“Unthinkable Writing.” Review of Perforations 5 (1994): “Bodies, Dreams, Technologies.” Public Domain, Inc., POB 8899, Atlanta, GA. 31106-0899. INFO@PD.ORG.

Gregory Ulmer


“Coalitions and Coteries.” Review of Tim Edwards, Erotics and Politics. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1994.

Ira Lightman


“Laurie Anderson and the Politics of Performance.” Review of Laurie Anderson, Stories from the Nerve Bible: A Retrospective 1972-1992. Performed at the Lied Arts Center, Lawrence, Kansas, March 29, 1994.

Woodrow B. Hood




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