Volume 07, Number 2, January 1997

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“But It Is Above All Not True”: Derrida, Relativity, and the “Science Wars”

Arkady Plotnitsky


Lenny Bruce’s 1962 Obscenity Trial: Public Culture and the Jewish Entertainer as Cultural Lightning Rod

Maria Damon


Currency Exchanges: The Postmodern, Vattimo, Et Cetera, Among Other Things (Et Cetera)

Tony Thwaites


“The Feathery Rilke Mustaches and Porky Pig Tattoo on Stomach”: High and Low Pressures in Gravity’s Rainbow

Heikki Raudaskoski


Bodily Mut(il)ation: Enscribing Lesbian Desire

Penelope Engelbrecht


The Book of Myst in the Late Age of Print

Steven Jones




Radio Free Alice

Paul Andrew Smith


Son of Kong, How Do You Do?

Gregory Wolos




“‘A Lifetime of Anger and Pain’: Kalí Tal and the Literature of Trauma.” Review of Kalí Tal, Worlds of Hurt: Reading the Literature of Trauma. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge UP, 1996.

David DeRose


Dressing the Text: On the Road with the Artist’s Book.” Review of Dressing the Text exhibition.

Thomas Vogler


“Holly Hughes Performing: Self-Invention and Body Talk.” Review of Holly Hughes, Clit Notes: A Sapphic Sampler. New York: Grove, 1996.

Lynda Hall


“Failing to Succeed: Toward a Postmodern Ethic of Otherness.” Review of Ewa Plonawska Ziarek, The Rhetoric of Failure: Deconstruction of Skepticism, Reinvention of Modernism. Albany: SUNY Press, 1996.

Tammy Clewell


“The Resuscitation of Dead Metaphors.” Review of “Incorporating the Antibody: Women, History and Medical Discourse,” a conference held at the University of Western Ontario, October 5-6, 1996, and the accompanying exhibition “Speculations: Selected Works from 1983-1996,” by Barbara McGill Balfour.

Sujata Iyengar


“What Was (the White) Race? Memory, Categories, Change.” Review of Noel Ignatiev and John Garvey, eds, Race Traitor (New York: Routledge, 1996) and Mab Segrest, Memoir of a Race Traitor (Boston: South End Press, 1994).

Mike Hill