Volume 08, Number 2, January 1998

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Table of Contents


Special Issue on Film

Robert Kolker, guest editor


Editor’s Introduction




Transnational Cinema, Hybrid Identities and the Films of Evans Chan

Gina Marchetti


Simultaneity and Overlap in Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing

Stephen Mamber


Presenting the Cyborg’s Futurist Past: An Analysis of Dziga Vertov’s Kino-Eye

Joseph Christopher Schaub


Casablanca’s Régime: The Shifting Aesthetics of Political Technologies (1907-1943)

Jorge Otero-Pailos


The Madness of Images and Thinking Cinema

William D. Routt


Singin’ In the Rain: A Hypertextual Reading

Adrian Miles


Digital Archives and Sibylline Fragments: The Tempest and the End of Books

Peter Donaldson


Review Essay


“Ersatz Truths: Variations on the Faux Documentary.” A review of Rick Prelinger’s Ephemeral Films 1931-1960: To New Horizons and You Can’t Get there from Here and Prelinger’s Our Secret Century: Archival Films from the Dark Side of the American Dream: Volume 1: The Rainbow is Yours with Volume 2: Capitalist Realism; Volume 3: The Behavior Offensive with Volume 4: Menace and Jeopardy; and Volume 5: Teenage Transgression with Volume 6: The Uncharted Landscape. CD-ROMs. New York: Voyager, 1994 and 1996.

Edward Brunner




“Looking for Richard in Looking for Richard: Al Pacino Appropriates the Bard and Flogs Him Back to the Brits. A review of the recent film/video.

Kim Fedderson and J.M. Richardson


“The Art and Artifice of Peter Greenaway.” A review of Alan Woods’ Being Naked Playing Dead: The Art of Peter Greenaway. Manchester: Manchester UP, 1996.

Anthony Enns


“The Grim Fascination of an Uncomfortable Legacy.” A review of Eric Rentschler’s The Ministry of Illusion: Nazi Cinema and its Afterlife. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1996.

Mark Welch


“(Global) Sense and (Local) Sensibility: Poetics/Politics of Reading Film as (Auto)Ethnography.” A review of Rey Chow’s Primitive Passions: Visuality, Sexuality, Ethnography, and Contemporary Chinese Cinema. New York: Columbia UP, 1995.

Benzi Zhang


“Looking Forward to Godard.” A review of Wheeler Winston Dixon’s The Films of Jean-Luc Godard. Albany: SUNY Press, 1997.

Hassan Melehy


“Peripheral Vision.” A review of E. Ann Kaplan’s Looking for the Other: Feminism, Film, and the Imperial Gaze. New York: Routledge, 1996.

M. Klaver, r rickey, and L. Howell




Exchange on Plotnitsky’s essay, ‘But It Is Above All Not True’: Derrida, Relativity and the ‘Science Wars,'” Postmodern Culture 7.2

Arkady Plotnitsky and Richard Crew